Monday, 3 February 2014

reddit zen

i'm not feeling burnt with reddit zen, not even chagrined really, its been alesson, but one knew it before, I guess it's just the total in your face moronacy and schizophrenia that leaves unavoidable conclusions !

the main one is that "zen" as a brand name at least is destroyed because it is a commodity and the net enables any fool with half or 1/4 or an 1/8th of a brain to claim what ever value "the commodity" has and drag down, pollute and wipe their arse with it which they do...............

so the better teachers like George bowman and Lorianne disabato , all they are doing is imparting value to a commodity that (for instance!) the reddit zen arseholes then pollute !

it's not just reddit zen I was looking at a video of dharma talk given by herb deer this month (2nd feb 2014) and thinking what duplicitous bullshit ! :o(

brad warner I notice is having difficulty in making any head way in getting himself established with some sort of financial base in zen, and again I think it's because he is one of the better teachers, but in doing what he does he supports idiots like nonin chowaney !

so my advice to brad, george and lorainne would be to abandon zen and basically strike out themselves in the way advaita teachers do, with the net you don't need the organizational publishing structure !

in fact brad warner was always outside it, but unfortunately for him the net has derated book publishing to the extent it is very difficult to make money from writing books and basically kick starter or donations is the way to go !

or just flag the whole thing (almost) and earn income in another way which I am having to face up to doing ! :o(

sorta odd to walk down a very long road through parched and not that interesting country and seeing it does nothing but go on forever in much the same way and one has to walk back to get into more interesting and productive scenarios ! :o(

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