Thursday, 26 June 2014

Charles bukowski made a mistake


  1. It's similar to Wang Wei's "Peach Blossoms"!

    The idea of a fleeting paradise is interesting. Something we occasionally have glimpses of and then it falls away under the hustle of modern life. The transience is, indeed, painful because one wants to stay in Nirvanic cafe and the hidden town covered with peach blossoms.

  2. Hey Andrew,

    I know we've had disagreements in the past, but I feel like I've learned a lot from your blog and insight. I also am starting to like Bukowski A LOT.

    Do you consider each other friends btw? Besides my wife, I have no friends, but it would be nice to know I at least have one here...

    1. yup a friend ! :o)

      yeah took along me a long time to appreciate charles bukowski and now I thumb through "the people look like flowers at last" like the /a bible !

      disagreements handled constructively grow people, agreement never does ! :o()