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  1. Andrew, I think my friend had an enlightenment experience. What do you think of the experience he described?:

    "I had an experience some 7 years ago which totally transformed my life, making me go from an ambivalent pseudo-materialist with no interest in these topics to making the spiritual goal the central one of my existence. It was the most powerful experience of my life, but I have not yet had a repeat of such an experience via meditation or other means... what I experienced was the complete transcendence of ego, space, and time. The latter was most important, since timelessness is qualitatively different from all waking or dreamed experience in that there is no sequence; it is a glimpse at eternity. The experience also occurred intuitively or with the so-called spiritual eye, not sensory perception. What was most fascinating about the experience was the certainty involved. It was a certainty unlike anything else, as if the truth of statement "2+2=4"' could be called into question, but never this experience. Hence why any propensity toward atheism or materialism was obliterated forever for me after that experience. It was only after this that I began to research the various sages and saw that what I caught a fleeting glimpse of, they obtained as a permanent attainment. This motivated me to pursue the spiritual path since the glory of this higher state or reality far surpassed any earthly attainment from what I could see."

    He also has incredible tastes in music and agrees with your views on art...

    " Music and aesthetics in general, especially when they approach the truly beautiful or sacred, or at least induce contemplation and introspection, is one of my main interests. Of course some of my liked music is of lesser import than others. For me the ultimate are Chinese guqin, JS Bach, Richard Wagner, Korean sanjo (especially with stringed instruments), Indian classical music, Japanese honkyoku, and various forms of sacred music. After that, Irish/British folk music, Persian classical music, early Western music (medieval to Baroque), Qawwali, and Japanese biwa+voice rank highly.
    Well yes, true art all points to the Absolute, and those who are awakened or at least in tune with that reality can produced the best art.
    It's why traditional spiritual societies created such amazing beauty, and why modern society produces trash generally....

    Yea, the great secret is a You that is far greater and more unimaginable than you ever thought yourself to be... "

    We agreed that Kusan Sunim, Kodo Sawaki, Hsu Yun, Nan Huaijin, Toni Packer and Seongcheol were most likely the only enlightened figures in the 21st century.

    We also agreed on celibacy and solitude within natural scenery. He also said we are living in the Kali Yuga.

    1. kali yuga ?

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  3. Oh my fucking God I had a long comment here but I wasn't signed in fuck it gonna write it again.


    I've just been recently reading your first homilies/poems or whatever and like I'm soaking them in. Should've started there from the beginning? But whatever.

    All I do is read read read and write bullshit on Facebook, postponing anything and everything I should do because...

    I am 25 year old manchild, life ruined from the early childhood porn addiction! That's all I've ever done, continued to do.. all that mattered! But it's getting too painful.

    I hardly get any solitude but it's pretty sweet when I do
    I live in some deece natural surroundings.


    But yeah, the relationship! Is it too much of a personal question to ask? Why do it, you must've been doing something GUY! You say sex is pain but that's conventional sex, with the orgasm?

    What about... Karezza? Sex without the goal of orgasm? Making love like you would...

    watch the clouds or listen to the stream

    There must be something to this
    Health benefits at least
    Greater bonding?

    I would experiment myself but due to the porn my relationships with people has greatly diminished.

    Like the reason why I asked because when I was like 5 I kissed this girl who was maybe 6

    and in that moment I suddenly saw myself kissing her, I saw us both kissing each other.

    OH MY GOD I can already hear you say it's nonsense!

    But I saw other weird shit too, my GOD

    Glowing figure, a child in the dark. I woke up to a neon glow in the room, There were two sources. One I knew came from the alarm clock but the other...?

    I took a look, curiosity got the best of me!

    So I crept to the edge of the bed and I saw a face and immediately shot back to cover up because like I was an avid watcher of aliens and I didn't want to be abducted. I laid as still as I could and try my best to breathe as softly as I could.


    I think some of the stuff I posted about needn't be posted but I like to write okay

    I'M DONE


    2. But this practice should be abandoned after a bit because celibacy is key? Actually it doesn't make much sense to do this. All these enlightened people were solitary celibates...

    3. i'm not saying anything is nonsense and please post anything you like here, it will not be censored !

      yeah losing posts is bastard, I will always make a copy to a text file before sending them so I can recover it if it gets lost !

      the face under the bed would be some sort of hypnagogic vision

      i think if you write more things will become clearer to you

      basically the divide is will you have children or not !

      the lives of the childless and those with children are very very different, i have none and though i never set out to be childless, children would have killed me and in terms of the larger perspective of infinity they are an obscuration !

      however for the childless the problem is the full realization of infinity which is a life's work in it's own right

      i'm not keen on offering advice but my advice to you would be to think in terms of being deliberately childless !

      this is because, like me, you can barely cope with life just looking after ourselves !

    4. I'm doing things, I've disabled images on my browser. Oh my God. It's so boring. Except for writing.

      Thanks for your reply

      I give alms> and prayers> mantra recitals and bows>