Thursday, 17 July 2014

black ships


  1. UG is the goat. But what you say and what he says kinda contradict each other in terms of vitamins/supplements. So I'm not really sure what to do. He says it's not important (vitamins) but you say it is. But also it seems he doesn't want anyone to follow any of his advice at all.

    I mean I took some of your recommendation but there's another problem in terms of me just masturbating it away! I mean like, the accumulation of all these benefits gone to waste due to this process of wasting it via masturbation.

    Celibacy includes not masturbating correct? What's the point of taking the bcd advice if I'm just gonna waste it all... but there's another point! Stress makes an individual more prone to the breeding process/masturbating right? But if one was to get the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and such then one would be less stressed?

    Anyways, I currently find it impossible to quit masturbating to porn now. I am 25 years old. So maybe 18-19 years I have been exposed to porn and I can't escape it.

    Also why would an enlightened person pursue a relationship? Aka why would you do this? I think you were in one?

    PS I am kinda drunk right now I hope this makes sense!

    And I am looking at this right now and wondering if I should even post it, it's all a big mess! Whatever, fire away~

    1. When I woke up I checked this out and it seemed kinda embarrassing lol. So if it's too disruptive I can delete it!

    2. nah that's fine !

      celibacy is not having sex, that's all !

      the bcd and compendium supplement program doesn't seem to have much impact on the sex drive !

    3. Also, did you leave New Zealand for a drier climate in Australia? Not sure what the climate would be like in the areas in which you lived and are currently living.

      I noticed that Nietzsche advocated great health, "dangerously healthy" as he would say. And pristine scenery! Clean air, bright sun!

    4. the whole health climate thing is quite multi-faceted !

  2. An3drew, I have an incredible movie to recommend you. It is on the level of Zerkalo and Melancholia with its poetic depth. It does a great job showing the serene beauty of natural scenery through its cinematography technique. It is a Persian/Iranian (same thing) film called Gabbeh. Here is the trailer:

    It's hard to find but totally worth it. An3drew, I understand what you mean by how video games or sequential art can never reach the poetic depth of film or poetry. I definitely agree with you now!

    I'm currently reading Red Pine's new translation of Stonehouse's (Shiwu) Mountain Poems. I agree with you that solitude within natural scenery is very important and all of this is just compression. While deep artwork can serve as powerful transformative experience, one still needs daily solitude within natural scenery in order to realize the Infinity. One must live it! One of my dreams would be to learn Chinese and significantly improve my Farsi to where I can live near the woods in an urban town, translating Persian poetry such as Sa'di + Hafez into Chinese and Wang Wei + Stonehouse into Farsi. I would this as a way to encourage more Sino-Persian intercultural exchanges, and since I would live near the woods, I could get frequent doses of solitude for meditative walks or sitting on a branch or fishing or etc., which is essential.

    1. [..] One of my dreams would be to learn Chinese and significantly improve my Farsi to where [..]

      only speaking and understanding one language (ed. english!) is a huge advantage !