Monday, 21 July 2014

a discussion on celibate versus suburban zen



    In Between Two Pink Willow Trees

    Reading Shiwu, I take a moment's break
    Trying not to read any particular amount,
    just look around without intent,
    and a cat from afar jumps on the chair to nuzzle

    Understanding that this moment makes life and its struggles worth it

    Even though the moment is gone.
    the Mind that made it possible is not
    For that Moment was the Pristine Infinity of the Mind

    1. nice pic, I feel I should know what that is, but can't pin it, a hibiscus?

      shiwa is interesting, a supercompetent hermit !

      hard for us to realize they lived with the problem that tigers viewed them as cat food ! :o)

  2. You're right about celibacy & Zen.

    And I say this as a married man.

  3. I think being celibate is important and it perhaps relates to Śarīra. I want to avoid sounding New Agey, but I think the claims of finding it in the ashes of cremated 'masters' isn't to be taken lightly. Almost all of them were celibate too.

    1. just an artifact of a type of cremation !