Wednesday, 15 January 2014

blog policy on posting

I am only interested in people with a genuine interest in what this about, not people just wasting my time with their own agenda

in particular I am not happy with either dave st. germain or zakaj who have their own views and we will always disagree.............

go you own way, don't waste my time............

if you think you are so right then you don't need here do you !?

honestly, I just can't burn the time the way you needy people so carelessly demand ! :o()

I am really starting to regret the degree of net involvement i have !

the board is not censored, non-one is being stopped from posting, but really would you take your certainty somewhere else :o()

basically genuine proactive interest otherwise F U C K O F F


  1. I hope you see the irony in posting "take your certainty somewhere else", coming from someone who's been kicked out of countless forums for his style of certainty...

    I'm not sure what you're not "happy" about in others, but it looks like some reflection is in order, rather than pushing people away. Frankly, it seems like you're losing it a little bit. "needy people"? Huh?

    1. do you see how we don't agree, my certainly is based on my being true !?

      you really have a different view and why this matters is simply because I am finding that dealing with people like you and zakaj is too time consuming !

      I have had a lot of experience on the net, mostly on the health message boards and there are endless people and need on the net and if contact is not productive then one should move on !

      it's simply time and the purpose of this blog is both for my interest and anyone seeking some real and seasoned advice about this whole business............

      you, like zakaj are in a repeating circles of yourselves and I am here for your entertainment !

      pardon me if I would like to pull the plug !

      let me lose it, yeah of "yourself being right"

      you go by the majority, well here is the minority of one and in fact this is only how the mystical path ever is !

      ewk has a 9,849 positive karma and I have a negative 134 karma on reddit, what does that say !

      anyway I am really asking that people either desist posting here or accept the context which is some combination of mutual discussion and me giving advice to those genuinely interested in what this is all about, you and zakaj are "end of timers" which I do not criticize except in so much as you are wasting my time, concentration and attention !

      yes, ewk like, all time is wasted etc, but actually I have things to do and have trouble splitting attention so the cost of dealing with for instance zakaj's recent nonsense posts is too high : o )