Saturday, 15 March 2014

a true zen master :o)


  1. There is something fundamentally flawed with mankind's self-consciousness

  2. This fine morning, after a long time I opened a "spiritual", Zen book again ... called "Advaita and Zen"

    The first word of the introduction was:


    "I" in quotation marks

    As if, now the writer has no self anymore, so it seemed appropriate to put it in quotation marks.

    I cringed a little. It went on something like:

    "I" was drawn to Zen in the early 1970 ...

    ... but I couldn't even finish the first sentence ...
    I had to abruptly close the PDF, delete it, and empty the Recycle Bin (just in case)!

    The pretentiousness of "selflessness" !

    1. they don't actually do the process, so they all waffle on "about" so it's never doing ! :o()

      that's the real big thing I notice, when you actually do something you are so close to what you are doing that you don't really enter into fixed theories because that closeness means things are changing and that obsoletes old view's ! :o()

    2. It seems it's not something that can be done with effort, like "now I will go sit and deconstruct" on the cushion - ... it happens more like a sudden emergence of anxiety, and the solid structures of the world become liquid or even dissolve or evaporate ... it's a painful feeling. Is this "doing the work"? What you call "doing the work" could mean "allowing this existential anxiety" and "not pushing it away" ... because the normal tendency is to push it away and replace with video games, or philosophical concepts, or Zen ideas. - That's what I like about Christianity ... that the image they see as the highest is that of a man carrying the cross ... the death, the desperation - "why have you forsaken me?" ... that's the highest symbol, not some content, meditating Indian mystic ... don't you think a Buddha statue is fundamentally fraudulent? A cross is more honest.

    3. honeypot on a stick

    4. Ha! That confuses the shit out of me ...