Monday, 24 March 2014



  1. I am an antinatalist and misanthrope.

    1. what you are up against !

    2. Actually - the women brain is superior, they are more intuitively life-affirming and don't buy into the patriarchal Voynich! (They just pretend to. Women don't really care about our Voynich, for instance religion. Their interest in religion is entirely different than ours ... mostly it's practical and opportunistic.)

      Women are natural Daoists, they are much closer to the Way, without even having to come into contact with it. While men are more herd-animals and prone to get brainwashed by the Voynich other alpha males try to sell in the so called marketplace of ideas.

      Agreed that the Woman is interested only in breeding, which is again a very life-affirming stance to have! However the life-denying religions of Christianity and Buddhism which poison life with morality and guilt!

      The best of Zen: Cold Mountain, Layman Pang, Ikkyu, Bankei, Rinzai, Matsu - how much Buddhism is really in these people? Not much - the Daoist spirit of Zen erupted in them and got rid of all the Buddhist Voynich!

      When did they speak of stages of dhyana, of monastic regulations (vinaya), of breathing meditation ... ?

      All these methods and techniques are unnatural and the body naturally rejects them!

      Andrew, what do you think of UG Krishnamurti? Do you know him?

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    4. "Andrew, what do you think of UG Krishnamurti? Do you know him?"

      just on the web, he certainly makes one more direct in expression I think ! :o)(