Monday, 17 March 2014

a visual koan


  1. "Visual koan" - fascinating concept.

    Reminds me of Magritte:

    1. Or maybe:

      do a google image search on Magritte - I thought there must be some that would resonate with your concept of 'visual koan'

    2. yeah i'm not so keen on him, I much prefer dali !

    3. I must disagree ! ( I can't enjoy Dali or Bunuel's films because the influence of Freud / psychoanalysis is too explicit ... Magritte is "purer" ... the enigma in Magritte is more clean, minimalist and logical ... Dali's overflowed with imagery from the Freudian analysis of the unconscious ... Dali admitted this influence himself. - You were right when you said Freud's stuff is passé ! )

    4. Apropos this, I am beginning to think mental illnesses don't exist. They're made up. Before you dismiss this as crazy, watch this:

      They actually had a name for the disease that made "black people flee from captivity"!

      How do we know it's not the same with depression, ADHD, ... !

      My problem with psychiatry is that if a depressed artist (and there were many )went there they'd fill him with pills and he'd become a bore like everyone else so what are we "curing" exactly? It's again the same pushing away the existential anxiety which is the TRUE state to behind with:

    5. Psychoanalysis is already seen as a pseudo-science by the scientific community I believe it will be the same with psychiatry. In a few hundred years we'll classify it together with phrenology and alchemy.